The Extraordinary Power Of Dates For A Strong And Healthy Body

Dates ( Phoenix dactylifera ) represent sweet fruit that looks similar to olives. Grows collected in clusters, palm trees, they are easily harvested, stored and transported and are an essential part of the life and history of the Arabian lands.

Phoenix dactylifera | Date Palm

They are part of their daily dinner, and therefore we should not be surprised that today’s dates are also called healthy cakes that grow on a palm tree. Over time, from Arabia, they have been transferred to Egypt, Asia, and Europe.

They have a wide range of health and nutritional values that make the healthiest fruit in the world. Dates are an excellent source of fiber that is essential to the body for the good functioning of the intestines.

“The natural sugar they contain is the perfect alternative to plain sugar.”

They are easily digestible, they reduce the feeling of hunger, and besides carbohydrates, they are also rich in vitamin B6, vitamin A, folic acid and minerals (iron, magnesium, copper, calcium). Nutrients would be best used if you eat several dates on a hungry stomach.

Excellent for improving a weakened blood count, because they contain lots of iron. They contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are still called “vitamins for the eyes,” necessary for good eye health.

Because they contain potassium favorably affect diarrhea, elevated blood pressure and preventive stroke. Just as they can prevent diarrhea, they can also help for faster digestion.

A few dates immersed in water, overnight, release juice, which acts as a laxative and stimulates the lazy intestines. The dates also contain phosphorus, which plays a vital role as food for the brain.

For this reason, dates are recommended in the diet of those who are engaged in intellectual work. They can reduce bad cholesterol. Dates strengthen the body and increase the level of energy, and increase sexual durability.

They also contain fluoride, an essential mineral necessary in the fight against caries that prevents bleeding of the gums. Ideal for those who are on a diet, because they increase the feeling of satiety. Also, try not to overeat many dates because it is high-calorie fruit.